This project is a series of more serious action videos centered around two waring factions, CupholderProductions and another, evil faction.
Ethan & me


Mission AssassinationEdit

The first video, Mission Assassination, features how Blake, the main character, first joins CupholderProductions. Cupholder sends blake on a mission to kill a traitor to the faction who stole $0.5 million from CupholderProductions and is attempting to bring it to Venco Labs, CupholderProductions main enemy force. After a long fight, the traitor turns out to be a hologram, and the whole mission was actually a test of Blakes skill. As it turns out, Blake was the only agent to pass the test on the first try. 

Mission RecoveryEdit

The second video, Mission Recovery, features Blake and his new partner Snake, on a mission to recover some stolen files from CupholderProductions by two members of Venco, one of which is Cupholder's son. Both Venco agents are killed, but at a price. Snake "supposedly" dies in this one.

Mission Infiltration pt. 1Edit

The third video, Mission Infiltration pt. 1, Features Blake and a team of agents from CupholderProductions, attempting to recover sensitive files that were stolen by Venco. Joshua, Cupholder's younger brother, leads the team (including Blake, Samuel, and Maddie) towards the Venco base. They discover that Snake is still alive, and merely faked his death to go undercover to the base. He finds the location of the files and relays that info to Cupholder. After going through several guards, the decide to seek shelter.


in order of appearance, and only protagonists


Blake RECON2

Blake on a Recon mission (see: Mission Recovery)

Blake is the main Character in the Series. He is a hardened and trained soldier, and has completed several important missions for CupholderProductions.


Cupholder is the leader and founder of CupholderProductions. He keeps track of all agents of CP and organizes all missions. His younger brother is agent Joshua and his son was an agent for Venco Labs, who was killed.


Snake was Blakes best friend and supposedly a new agent who was declared KIA, but later discovered to have faked his death and actually have gone undercover at a Venco base.


Joshua is Cupholder's younger brother, and the first agent of CupholderProductions. 


Samuel is also a friend of Blakes and an agent for CupholderProductions.


Maddie was an assassin who joined CupholderProductions and became a loyal agent. Her skills remain unquestioned and she specializes in close range combat. 


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